Rodney DeCroo

There were ghosts in that shit hotel,
they lived in the walls like rats.
I could hear them at night,
whispering to themselves.
I saw one, an old woman,
with a face like January rain.
She was sitting in the stained bathtub,
gnawing at her wrists,
her body twisted and fibrous
like a tap root rotting underground.
When she saw me her eyes
unravelled like a spool of black
and white film. Images
flickered through the hotel room
like a storm of birds. I shouted
at her to stop and everything
went static like someone
flicking through dead channels.
I woke up choking on my own vomit.

The light was on in the bathroom
and the window was open,
Someone was laughing
in another room. I thought
I was in hell. I didn’t know

Rodney DeCroo is a poet, singer-songwriter, playwright and actor. He was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA but has called Vancouver home for many years now. He has published two books of poetry with Nightwood Editions and has had poems published in Event, Geist, BC Bookworld, Forget Magazine and others. He’s released eight albums (Northern Electric Records/Tonic Records) and wrote/performed a critically acclaimed one man show Stupid Boy in an Ugly Town.