Majlinda Bashllari

The dream I was having said to me:
bring me some water; I will be right here
waiting for you. I nod. I understand others’ needs.

In every interruption
something always passes away
over a glass of water or a fist of words.

Through dark I make my way back,
climb to the dream, stick to its stump,
precisely, as a vindictive finger in the eye.

We reconnect. Utility & pleasure–
A static bicycle
that rides and rides but gets nowhere.

Born in Albania, Majlinda Bashllari is the author of two poetry collections, Një udhë për në shtëpi (A road to home), was published in Tirana, Albania (Morava, 2007). Love is a very long word was published by Guernica Editions in 2016. Bashllari’s work has appeared in numerous Albanian art and literature magazines and in Albanian anthologies of essays and short stories. She lives in Toronto.