JM Francheteau

Cheers to you
who choose to talk the language
no one talks,
scraping the rime of death
from a frosted window
just to behold olde Earth again,
unused and glistening.
Be loose.
May you talk & talk.

Cheers to you
who keep peace
and bother none
with the black fire
of your despair.
Be easy.
May your quiet cadge
a brighter flame
from an unguessed-at star.

We, who are not the night
but the in-the-night,
who are not the moon
but wildness,

us mummers, us dodgers,
us filchers and jades,
we who devil meaning
and weep
in the foyers of banks.

The sun’s a hole
cut in a linen sheet
spread between two lovers
who’ll never glimpse
one another’s face.

Go in with your hands out
and the dark will not trouble you,
for it’s by the dark
that we shall know our way.

JM Francheteau lives in the Toronto that’s in Canada. His writing can be found most recently in Grain, Arc, Bad Nudes, The Puritan and Little Free Libraries throughout downtown. He organizes the Toronto Zine Off too.