Jeff Blackman

Sometimes you’re in the grocery store and you’re certain
everyone is so angry. A woman drags her buggy by its front
and her man cabooses. On my way out at the self-check
I’ll be breath-on-neck close; I can only be gone so fast.

Throughout the store it’s much the same: three columns deep

between the meat and chips, some hard decisions in frozen foods;
rage today’s the day the sale’s on—I have kids.
Where are you when I need you?

I get home and the cat’s gone somewhere. My wife is on about
something forgotten for which I offer a half-assed defense.
Why I bother’s uncertain seeing as she’s completely right
and in the mood to be.

Jeff Blackman‘s recent chapbooks include The night goes (Puddles of Sky), Unit (Phafours), and I don’t know what you need (Horsebroke). He publishes sporadically at