Curtis LeBlanc

I’ve started to notice more,
he says to me. Yesterday:
how big the boulevard birch,
how thin the dog on its new diet
of oats and organic veal. Today
my father concerns himself
with the ham, bastes it
with a mixture of soya sauce
and apricot jam, slow cooks it
with indirect heat and a pouch
of applewood chips for good

He thought that all of this
would be over after a month,
but here we are part way through
September and the lawyer still hasn’t
settled his severance. Can’t work
another job until he gets his
two weeks for every year. Until
then, the barbecue will do.
The web video recipes starring
a man with no face in white
latex gloves will do. The coffee
dates to complain about the company
days will do. He forks the ham,
carves away a bit of the bark,
hands it, black and sweet, to me.
You could chew it for days
and never tire.

Curtis LeBlanc was born and raised in St. Albert, Alberta. In 2016, his poetry won the Readers’ Choice Award in the Arc Poem of The Year Contest and was shortlisted for The Walrus Poetry Prize as well as CV2’s Young Buck Poetry Prize. Good for Nothing (Anstruther Press, 2017) is his first chapbook. His first book-length collection will be published by Nightwood Editions in Spring of 2018.