Chad Norman

Today I met a woman
who did not know
how to pump gas–
her husband had
always pumped it–
so I showed her
how to open the hatch
where the gas-cap is,
how to press the button
for her choice of cost,
how to hold the nozzle
and squeeze it enough,
how to watch closely
she didn’t go over
the amount she wanted.
I looked at her smiling,
she was from some
other country far away,
but we still spoke
and understood
one another, able
to briefly love one another
in some quiet and easy
yet immense way.

Chad Norman lives besides the high-tides of Cobequid Bay, just outside of Truro, Nova Scotia. His poems have appeared in many publications around the world. In April of last year, his Selected & New Poems was released from Mosaic Press. At present he is arranging a Fall 2018 speaking/reading tour of Scotland, Ireland, and Wales, while working on the manuscript, The Black Rum Poems.