a.m. kozak

me & brendan pick up a couch from an ad i saw on kijiji
that looks like it’s been in this guy’s unfinished basement
since his divorce. it’s not clean, but it’s 50 bucks. he
shows me a bruise on his elbow after he proudly takes
control like a sage of emptying his suburb. he thot he
was a real swift bargainer. he dropped 10% of his asking
price like a favour for clearing out the last debris from
his life besides a dollhouse home gym. after we tie the
couch to the car roof & hail makes us pull over twice,
brendan mutters (to break the silence) i guess clutter
piles wherever there’s space.

a.m. kozak is an anti-poverty advocate, community/program developer/organizer, and editor of 30 under 30: an anthology of Canadian millennial poets.